Streamlined Transaction Monitoring For Virtual Assets Service Providers

WatchBlock offers a simple, convenient and intuitive dashboard, provides insights into transaction data, purchase history and risks management to Virtual Asset Service Providers

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We provide crypto businesses with a convenient SaaS platform for analyzing your data on the blockchain

Crypto currencies

Cryptocurrency Businesses

Numerous blockchains for unlimited cross-chain operation and access to decentralized industry liquidity

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Financial payment services

Full detailing and exporting of tax statements, cash flows, invoice statuses, and any other reporting.

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Merchants from
all categories

Detailed analysis of top customers and client base, simplification of cash flow ownership and forecasting.

Watchblock KYT

The WatchBlock KYT gives users full access to detailed information
on all statements and transactions performed within the course of business operations

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  • Exact summs

    Notification of exact cash inflows to your address.

  • Transactions amount

    Notifications of received amounts.

  • Transaction from a specific address

    Notifications of cash receipts from pre-specified addresses.

  • Any token or currency

    Accept any kind of digital currencies do your address with notifications.

Watchblock account mockup
Watchblock account mockup
Easier Decision-Making

Visual analytics

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  • Cashflow

    Analysis of all revenues with relevant details in real time.

  • Transactions

    View transaction details, such as addresses, amounts and much more.

  • Realtime board

    Stay up to date will all transactions and operations with notifications and a user-friendly interface.

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  • Notifications about incoming and outgoing transactions

    Notifications on completed transactions in your favorite messengers and via email and messengers

  • PDF notifications about completed transactions

    Detailed report generation in convenient format.

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WatchBlock uses proprietary nodes to make sure all client transaction monitoring and related operations are processed on internal servers for higher speeds and security.


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